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Chromecasts Not Working on Telus Wifi Hub

Has anyone had issues with chromecasts on a Telus wifi hub? We recently switched to Telus and ever since the chromecasts are intermittent at best with their connectivity. When streaming music, the connection drops every 30 seconds then reconnects abo...

starsfan9 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Unauthorized device on network

Hi there!I logged into my router and saw a device "name unavailable" with the MAC address 60:14:B3:55:A1:1D. When I looked up the MAC address on google, it comes back to "CyberTAN Technology Inc.". I found this device under the "Overview > Connected ...

Resolved! Hairpin Nat on Telus WIFI hub modem

How does one turn on hairpin nat? I can not access my subdomains that are pointed at my IP from within my internal LAN.I have the port forwarding enabled as well as a reverse proxy (Nginx Proxy Manager) running on my LAN. I can access the subdomains ...

Resolved! Reward Points

Where are my points listed? Also what can I redeem them for? I can't see the path to it!!

home phone support via telephone if you now have fibre

When you call in for home phone support (billing or other), if you have switched to fibre, some operators cannot access your information. They then transfer you to another area (not directly accessible to Telus customers) and you again must wait. Why...

lggg by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Gmail and Telus voice-mail not playing well

I use the Telus voice-mail system on my landline. One of the features of that service is that I get sent an email when a voice-mail is left. This worked well up until the transfer to Gmail. Now when I receive a voice-mail Telus, as normally done in t...

Rick81 by Coach
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