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Log Files Telus WiFi Hub


I had the Telus WiFi Hub + Cisco AP installed this summer and I continue to have Internet drops on WiFi equipped devices. I also have 2 WiFi Boost installed. There are hesitations on the TV's and glitches from the PVR. The technician did the install and after a week of good reception around the house, things started to drop. Then a couple of weeks ago I decided to do a factory reset to the Hub and thought I would start a fresh. Nope, The same day as the reset, device could not connect and still to today, the devices are continually being asked for the pass-phrase to connect to the Hub. The one thing I don't think was ever done was resetting the WiFi Boosts. They still show the old SSID as their Host Names.


Is there any log files that can be obtained from the Hub to see what is happening? Or off of the WiFi App?