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Are there known email issues going on?

I have had to call and reset my password twice in the past three days to access webmail, the past few months emails have disappeared or email just stops working altogether. I have been a Telus client for as long as I can remember and never experience...

Marcyj by Just Moved In
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suggestion requested

i just had telus installed my internet 75. The modem/router is T3200m ver 31.164L.18. My wifi speed was ~ 65mbps...i can live with it. But the following day, wifi was varying between 30 and 45 mbps and has never gone back even close to 55mbps. I conn...

rojin by Just Moved In
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I'm stuck connected to the farthest wi-fi booster

I often find my cell phone stuck connected to the wi-fi booster on the 2nd floor in my house. When it does, my download speed only gets around +8Mbps. To fix it, I would turn off my wi-fi on my phone. Then stand next to the wi-fi booster that is loca...

Knguncl3 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus tech took old modem

Hi,At my property, we switched utility accounts. Someone is leaving and I started a new account. The technician took the old modem and installed the new one. Recieved a letter in the mail with instructions to send the old modem to Telus. The tech too...

Technician spreading misinformation

Can you tell me why a Telus technician would suggest to a client with 6Mbps service that she could buy a "smart hub" to "boost her speed to 25Mbps"?Or that her multifunction printer is "draining her Internet speed" by being plugged in as a fax machin...

TekyJeff by Just Moved In
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T3200M router reset can’t get access to wifi/internet

So I pressed the reset button on my router because the internet wasn’t working and now everything is back to factory setting but I cannot connect it brings up the Telus website and I tried to do what it says but it times out, how do I fix this do we ...

Cullen by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Webmail is telling me my account password is incorrect.

Webmail is telling me my password is incorrect. It's not. When I click "Forgot", it says "Oops, your account recovery details are incomplete. Please call 1-888-811-2323 to reset your password". I called the number, and was told by an automated voice ...

Hem1979 by Just Moved In
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