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Resolved! When connecting a Boost via CAT5 does it have to be direct?

To help my performance on my home WiFi, I want to connect one of the Boost devices via CAT5/Direct cable.However, given that the home (Telus) modem is in the basement, I need to use a cable connection to a router which is directly connected to the mo...

BlairP by Organizer
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Resolved! Best 3rd party router for Telus 150 Fibre

Hi All, Sorry to ask a repeated question but I activated my telus 150 fibre today with optic tv. I am using Actiontec 3200m and I want to buy a 3rd party router. I am happy to bridge it and have the actiontec only serving the opttic tv but for my wif...

Increase in Internet Charges

Despite the challenges of the late summer downing of the Webmail service, TELUS reacted with a minimum of a one-month rebate on Internet charges to those affected. Must have cost their profit line a fortune. I remember saying to myself at the time: "...

Resolved! New PureFibre Install in a 42 Year House

Currently using Telus DSL in a older Vancouver Special built in 1977. No Cat cables/outlets, probably 2 pair copper line. Telus Fibre Optic came to my neighbourhood about 2 years ago and strung lines to most homes. They strung a line from the telepho...

Chris99 by Organizer
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Resolved! PureFiber ONT Size

Folks. I'm looking for the physical size of what I believe is the ONT. It would be the unit the take the fiber signal and converts to CAT5 or COAX. I do not want to drill holes through the exterior of my home so have purchased a waterproof Altemix NE...

BakerCrew by Just Moved In
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I'm paying 78 a month for internet 6..... which is supposed to be 5mbps except its only 2.5. So im paying 78 soon to be 85 for 2.5 mbps.What year is it 1998? Not only am i getting absolutely ripped off by paying far to much for the slowest internet. ...

Lobre370 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! TELUS boost Wi-Fi - main connected via Ethernet works, second shows “wireless” while hardwired

Hi everyone,So I have a... setup.When I got TELUS having the modem in our bedroom made sense. We had our main computer there and so that’s where the modem is.Now in our post PC world the modem is there with nothing to do, so I got the boost main and ...

Resolved! PureFibre connection.

I have an appointment for PureFibre connection and will keep my current plan for TV, Phone, & Internet and have some questions and concerns that I can't find answers for. I am currently setup on Internet 15 with Optic TV and Telephone. 1. What happen...

Hoot by Just Moved In
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Netflix email scam.

Hey, wondering if someone can help. I recently had an email from Netflix telling me to update my payment info. I asked my boyfriend to do it as he pays for a family account that I have my own log in for, its not actually my bank card on the account. ...

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