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Internet Speed

I need some assistance as to how to talk the technician regarding speed issue, I am a new 1G internet customer since last Thursday, the hub was installed in the garage close to the garage door, two extenders are on second floor of the house, front an...

Issue with Telus Boosters

Hello everyone!I'm trying to setup my boosters i just got today and am running into some issues.Initially this morning I followed the steps on the Telus My WiFi app and able to setup both boosters. Issue was the booster WiFi was not showing under my ...

GreatBeef by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How can I change my Telus Modem IP Adress?

I am a newbie here, so I apologize in advance if I am in the wrong place to ask this question. This year I have been getting hammered by hacking attempts, and recently some have been successful. Among the list of a security consultant's recommended c...

ghost dialing

hi. anyone else received calls from strangers out of province saying your home tel called them and they need to press option #1 to connect. recd 3 calls yesterday saying I called them when in fact I did not

alko by Just Moved In
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T3200M and Telus Wifi Boosts - Force 5Ghz?

Hi everyone, For context, I'm currently using the T3200 modem and have one wifi booster hooked up via ethernet to the T3200 and then the second one connected wirelessly on the second floor. I've disabled the 2.4ghz band on the T3200 to reduce interfe...

btong by Just Moved In
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Long Wait times on Support

I suppose I am lucky??? I waited 1 hour to talk to an agent. I heard some people waited 2 to 3 hours. Then after talking for 20 min I get transferred and and they told me another agent will get to me in 3 to 5 mins. It took 50 mins this time..... So ...

Resolved! Telus and bad routing?

I play a game that requires low latency. The servers I connect to in order to play with my peers are located in Chicago, Denver, and Dallas. Chicago, among the server list, has the best ping with a consistent 40-60ms, all is good, I do not mind. Denv...

LatenCi by Just Moved In
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Incorrect Telus internet data usage being shown?

So I happen to find out that on July 14, 2020 my home internet usage meter was at 4560 GB?? We are 5 people who got phones connected to it and 2 iptv devices but mostly the highest we would go is at 15 gb a day. I spoke to telus rep and he said that ...

Resolved! How to improve our home wifi - upgrade the T3200 modem?

Well, I've been dreading trying to tackle this problem because it has been going on for so long.I'm guessing it is worse because we have 4 people at home, working from home now. We have a T3200 modem with one booster pack to help the basement suite d...

JayBea by Neighbour
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