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How to add multiple static IP addresses?


Hi everyone,

We have a small office and purchase 5 static IP address from Telus business.

The issue is that, we cannot add these 5 static IP addresses to our Router (happened to be Edge Router) as Telus does not support this way.

Tech support from Telus told us that, we should put a Switch after Telus modem and before our Router...

Is there anyone who has done this before?

Thank you


Community Power User
Community Power User

By way of example, residential accounts are provisioned with 2 IP addresses. Individuals wanting separated networks can place a switch between the ONT and their routers (plural) to have two networks. I do not know if it would work for a single router connecting to your your ONT though a switch, seeking multiple IP addresses.


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No, it would not work with 1 single router, as a matter of fact. Telus needs separated MAC address for each of the static IP address that it gives out by DHCP locked-in. By this way, if I need 5 IP address, I would need 5 different routers.... I just wonder if a big company that need 100 IPs, do they need to have 100 routers and at least 3 big switches (48 ports each) to connect to 100 routers??? And you scale it up... how about 1,000 IPs?

Very strange practices I think