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Internet slow in the last couple of weeks

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I am on 1 Gb internet and recently my download speed (LAN) is consistently below 200 Mb/s My upload speed, however, is above 800 Mb/s.


I also noticed a considerable slowdown of streaming on my TV.


Any ideas?


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you're still seeing 200mbps down on your computer, there should be no issues with streaming on TVs since even a 4K stream uses only a fraction of that bandwidth.


  • When doing the speedtest, is your PC connected to ethernet or on wifi?
  • Which router are you using?
  • How/where are you testing the upload and download speeds? Not all speed test sites will offer gigabit speeds to test with.
  • For the TV, is that using the Optik TV box, a third party Android box, a Roku or is the streaming an app on the TV itself?
  • Is the TV connected to ethernet or wifi?
  • On the TV are you trying to watch 1080p or 4K streams? Which app(s)?

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Support reset my modem to factory settings and that seems to have resolved the issue. I now have the download speed on ethernet over 900 Mbps and Wifi at 175 close to my TV (used to be 15Mbps).