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Fibre Not available?

Just Moved In

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to know a few things.

Over the summer we had telus come into our small town and start to lay fibre cables, they had asked house to house about if they would be interested in fibre. However i dont know if our property was missed?  fast forward a few months later, all of our neighbors are hooked up with fibre and super happy . I had called support a few times to see what had happened, why our location was only giving me rural internet options (smart hubs- which we currently are running on 2). My house/store is right off the highway and we have a few neighboring houses who are all connected. Is there something wrong with our home? 


thanks for your time



@JennyNo  Is this overhead or ug. You mention the word store is there a local telus crew or single employee where you are. You won't find an answer on this site customers only here. If you see a telus truck go and talk to them your best bet.  If this is underground there will many reasons why no fiber is there. Not allowed to cut pavement for the main one. Your town hall should be able to help you. Getting to a telus site that knows construction schedule will be  very hard. How far away is nearest fiber connection left or right from you. 


@JennyNo  Another thought just had. The installer who did the installs leaves a business card for the home owner with a phone number in case of trouble for them. Talk to your neighbour and maybe try the number might be route to get a quick answer phone chat tech is so uninformed.