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Internet 75 speed

I have Internet 75 on a two year contract with unlimited data. In the past the down load and up load speeds were typically about 80Mbps. When I checked yesterday and today I got about 150Mpbs both up and down. I checked my plan and it still said Internet 75 with the same price but the speed was now given as 150Mbps. Not complaining but it seems odd that they increased the speed for no obvious reason. Anyone else seen this?


The exact same thing is currently happening to me. I joined Telus in April and Internet 75 is part of my Telus package. For the first couple of months I was getting upload and download speeds around 80 to 85 Mbps which is normal for Internet 75. But around the beginning of June I started getting much higher readings ( around 170 Mbps for both upload and download ) and when I checked my Telus Account page it showed the following information:


Plan details

This includes:

  • 150 Mbps download, 150 Mbps upload

My first thought was that maybe somebody accidently bumped me up to the next highest internet package but according to my bills I'm still on Internet 75. To be honest - since I don't download or upload movies or music I really don't notice much of a difference with the speed bump but I'll gladly take it for as long as it lasts.