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Telus Support Call Back


I appreciate the option to have support call me back instead of having to wait on the phone.

However, the purpose of call back is completely defeated when I receive the call back and then I am immediately put ON HOLD (today 15 minutes, previously over an hour). 

Solution:  Don't call me back until an agent is available.

If I wanted to wait on hold, I wouldn't have requested a call back in the first place.



If you get a Google Pixel 6, 6 pro or later. Google Assistant can wait on hold for you and then call you back when the phone does its usual ring sound. If you use business mobility, you don't need to wait on hold nearly as long. Telus Home Consumer is extremely short staffed. Small business is over staffed.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Steve7 I'm not too sure what happened with the process but I'll be sure to forward your feedback to the appropriate team. Thank you for letting us know.

Just Moved In
What is the Telus callback number. It never works and I assume I must have it blocked or something