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Resolved! Internet stops working every hour for 1 minute

Upgraded from 150MBPS to 1Gig internet and it has been my biggest mistake ever.The old T3200 Modem could not get speeds over 90MBPS up/down. A telus service technician came in and installed the telus wi-fi hub in our garage.Ever since then, every 60 ...

jareehd by Just Moved In
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turn off wifi?

If we switch to Pure Fibre (house already connected) will we be able to use a ethernet connection like we do now?

vvan by Just Moved In
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Why am I having trouble with my e-mails?

Ever since Telus in it's usual 'wisdom' switched to Google mail, I have all sorts of problems one of which is some of my e-mail messages 'didappearing and in several cases not even getting through! I have talked to many others who are also experienci...

IainL by Neighbour
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when I listen to Spotify on my Google mini it will frequently cut out.Is there a way to fix this?TIA

After plan downgrade T3200M modem/wan IP isn't public

So, a couple days ago I was downgraded from a bonded copper Internet 75 plan to single copper Internet 25 as that's the maximum allowed under the Internet for Good program. Prior to the downgrade I had no issues and for the context of this post no is...

tbor by Organizer
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How to disable the DHCP server on T3200M

I need to disable the DHCP on this device as it is causing me network nightmares with clients and office VPN. Does anyone have a solution to remove the DHCP from this device? I run my own internally and it is a pain when a device goes hunting a new I...

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