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Weak signal

I live rural. Tells promised 3 years ago that they would upgrade one of their sites to make rural customers have a STRONG signal. I have their smart hub. Promises promises and now they claim 5G strength. I hope the rural areas get stronger signals es...

Opo by Neighbour
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Fiber internet hub

I turned on my bridge mode to keep my network settings, it worked well in the past 3 weeks, in the past couple days my router keep losing internet connection and I have to turn off/on the router to restore service, does anyone have the same issue?

Amrayess by Neighbour
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What is the number I dial on my home phone to reach my voicemail?

Teelee by Neighbour
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E-mail migration to Windows Live Mail 2012

After many hours of slogging, I was able to set up my email on my laptop, tablet and phone. However, now I am trying to set up email on my husband's laptop. He uses my email account and has his own alias. I do all the steps as outlined in the migrati...

BevGray by Neighbour
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Telus Gsuite Administration

Who is the Telus Gsuite administrator? How can he/she be contacted? Google apps and Google Play Store won't work unless you switch to a non-Gsuite Google account. This is STUPID. I also could not access My Telus account for about two weeks. Now, in M...

Resolved! TELUS Wi-Fi Hub - Guest Network Limitations...?

I have the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub, the white coffee canister looking unit and I am wondering what the limitations or settings are for a guest network. Can I limit the amount of data per day? Can I view it somewhere? Just looking for some details...

KurtC by Neighbour
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Resolved! Inability to Access Google Docs on Telus Email Accounts

Hi there, My wife runs a small business and has been using her TELUS accounts to access google docs for quite a while. Her customers send her links to their files in google docs with security allowing her TELUS email addresses to access them. With th...

2 Public IP Addresses With Fibre 1Gb & 1.5Gb

Hi There!Just wondering if you can still put a switch directly after your Fibre Connection and then connect the Telus Router (For their other services Optik TV & Home Phone) as well as your Own Third Party Router (For your home private & guest networ...

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