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Why am I being charged almost full price for internet for good?

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I was approved for internet for good, I was sent an invoice before the installation saying it would cost $9.95/month so I was under the impression that's what it would cost. The guy came and installed everything and he guaranteed I would get "the internet for good price" I checked mytelus account afterwards and it says I have to pay $95/month. I was not informed of this before or during the installation and if I had known this I would not have had it installed. I'm on disability and cannot afford this at all. Why did this happen? My first bill date is in 5 days and I wont be home for them to come and uninstall it before then so I'm going to be charged for something I didn't expect or agree to.

Hoping this was a mistake and not a way to trick and exploit low income people.

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Community Power User

If you applied and were approved for the internet for good program. You’ll have to contact  Telus, to have any billing issues resolved.