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Wake on Lan Question

I have managed to get my desktop computer to power up from a Magic packet sent from an Android cell phone in my home wifi space -- seems unlikely that I will be able to do this over the Internet using the Actiontec T3200M router? Maybe DD-WRT firmwar...

bskitmor by Organizer
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Resolved! migration to google

Telus migrated my account 5 days ago. i have always used outlook for e-mails. This stopped working, i contacted telus and was told to change e-mail settings. This i did and my e-mails started working again on PC, ipad and iphone. Then suddenly Friday...

MrRoy by Just Moved In
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Webmail connection security

Just in the last couple of months, when I go to log into my email account at, after entering my username and password I get a pop up notification saying, the info. you're about to submit is not secure because the site is using a co...

TheDuke by Neighbour
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Resolved! WIFI Modem/Router T3200M Loopback

I do have a MQTT broker/server installed on the LAN side of my home network, with my phone app i access the server with my external WAN IP addressand the forwarded port. But if i am at home and the phone connects to the WIFI I have to change the IP a...

Hardy by Neighbour
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Higher in-game ping after 2 weeks using the T3200M

Hi there, I've had an issue with my Internet after 2 weeks being with Telus DSL 15/ 1 on the T3200m Gateway. I currently live in GP, AB. My in-game pings/ latency (in ms) to multiplayer game servers have been higher recently. My in-game ping to the s...

TomAB by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Damaged line

How do I report a damaged fibre optic cable?

Lyle2 by Just Moved In
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No IPV6 in building from 2010 with Optik

Hello, I've had a Telus home connection that came with my condo building circa 2010. I have ethernet-to-the-suite and I originally had the Actiontec T1200H (?). I've since been upgraded to the T3200M, mainly because it has good solid bridge mode supp...

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