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Resolved! SSID Isolation for Guest Network (T3200M) - Chromecast

Hello, So I have a T3200M where I have a main wifi network running in smart mode so it automatically manages the 2.4/5ghz network for me with the same SSID name, which is great for my office where everyone has the same network/password setup. Now I a...

T3200M by Neighbour
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Boost extender will only connect to PC, not iOS devices

So my telus router works great and gives me pretty good coverage, but my boost mesh extender is pretty much useless as the only devices that will connect to it are our PC’s. iOS devices like our iPhones will not connect. Have tried turning wifi off a...

My Wi-Fi app

I recently had PureFibre internet installed, and have the "My Wi-Fi" app installed on my phone to manage usage, primarily using the "pause" capability to make sure my teen isn't on the internet 24/7. But I've looked for hours on the Telus site to fin...

Bitdefender Box 2 - Can't use T3200M Bridge Mode?

I have had for a few years a Bitdefender Box 2 (basically a router / firewall to protect my IoT devices) attached to my TELUS T3200M without issues. To be safe ( I assumed); I have by Optik TV boxes attached directly to the LAN jacks on the T3200M (a...

Resolved! 2.4 GHz network

Need to have a separate 2.4 GHz network to sync some hardware. Cannot find any method of either setting up a separate 2.4 GHz network or forcing current modem to 2.4 GHz mode.Help

Mini60 by Just Moved In
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2.4ghz doesn't work

Hi. I have the Telus Smart Hub. I've tried going to and turning it on, it doesn't work. I turned off 5ghz (low and high) and 2.4 still doesn't turn on. When I look at the status overview, 2.4 doesn't have (and isn't assigned) a ...

Slower Telus Hub internet

Why over the last two years has my Telus Hub slowed down. Originally it was around 23mbs and now im lucky to get 5mbs. Feeling ripped off

Resolved! TELUS Wi-Fi Hub - Port forwarding

In short, I have a local web server that I use for testing. It is not used publically. I am trying to run this on port 44301 (SSL) so basically, I want to go to my local web server (IIS on Windows 10). The SSL cert is v...

Screenshot 2021-07-17 131027.png
Ben3 by Friendly Neighbour
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