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Fibre Internet Coming to Langdon?

Just Moved In

Is there any plans to have fibre internet come to the other subdivisions in langdon and if so when? I see there's fibre internet within the Subdivision of Painted Sky in Langdon. Is there a timeline for the installation?      Fortis is doing a power cable replacement project, would be a good time to tag team disturbances to peoples homes. 



@valleybowhunter  Telus has never released construction dates just approx year. New sub has fiber old subs if they have pipes in ground ( some are direct burial ) then it would done quite easily. Direct burial would mean dig up everything to costly. If not enough people want  fiber that creates another problem construction costs to long a payback. Your town council would be best bet to find out anything from telus. Some people don't need or want fiber internet. Not shure but some areas i think tried a sign up campain but  telus would want some money before starting. Good luck.