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Resolved! Telus Wifi Hub USB (white Arcadyan tower modem) Settings

Good Day everyone, I would like to know if anyone has a manual for this Telus Wifi Hub (white Arcadyan tower modem) Perhaps someone could guide me in the correct direction. I have the Telus Wifi Hub (white Arcadyan tower modem) and i connected a 2TB ...

fadab by Neighbour
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Router line 2 disconnected

Noticed my speeds way down yesterday. I’m on copper with internet 100 and my speed at the router is now less than 50. I checked the router settings and it says line 2 is disconnected although it is still plugged in the router. Tried all the usual ste...

Resolved! Internet usage warning - unlimited data plan

I have the Unlimited Data plan on my home internet and today I received an email warning that I have exceeded my monthly internet data allowance. When I sign into my account everything looks fine. The message is from Telus and all links in it go to T...

Djice00 by Neighbour
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Resolved! 3rd Party Router with Telus Modem Bridging + Optik TV?

Getting gigabit fibre installed this weekend, but hoping to use our own enterprise-grade networking equipment. My understanding is that the telus modem can be put into bridge mode, but how do I connect the wired and wireless Optik TV boxes?

mthej by Neighbour
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no email

my email stopped working last wednesday, Telus said they cant fix it and would transfer to google mail in 24-72 hours. its way past that and no email and no help at all told to wait. Im a senior with medical issues and need my email to connect with t...

Where do I thank your support staff?

I recently switched to Telus Fiber from Shaw and I am extremely happy with the much better product. It is better in so many ways, higher bandwidth (1 GB), lower latency (0-1 ms) and most importantly much much more stable (hard to quantify but network...

BruceJ by Neighbour
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Wi-Fi Extender Intermittently Drops

Hi Everyone, I just opened up my Telus accounts after moving into a new apartment with Telus quick-connect installed. Stupidly, the wi-fi modem is installed near our apartment entrance within a closet separated from our living room by concrete walls ...

CF by Neighbour
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Long Waits for Customer Service Reps

Back in the BC Tel days in Vancouver BC we got great customer service, when you dial 0, or 611 or any of their office numbers there would be a rep that answers right away. Since BC Tel now became Telus and Telus is now global, customer service is alm...

cholton3 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Can’t connect to telus support?

Basically my telus internet and Optik TV stopped working, and need tech support.But every time I call telus on the following numbers:310-69881888-811-2323310-2255310-8324It directs me to “Koodo Mobile Assist”, which tells me that it will send me a te...

RonW by Neighbour
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