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Using a second T3200M router with Optik TV 4K box

Hi all,I have a T3200m on one side of my home that is the connected via DSL phone jacks. A coax cable runs from this router's MOCA port to a farther side of my home. At the other end of this cable is a Telus coax-to-ethernet adapter that is connected...

EBAL by Organizer
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PureFibre Billing Issue - “Technical Glitch” ?

Just wondering if other PureFibre users are experiencing this issue to validate what customer service is telling me..... I have had PureFibre since early 2019 and have been very happy with it. Yesterday, when I went into my account, I noticed my bill...

jennacdn by Neighbour
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Internet service upgrade

Hello we live at Silver Beach Road out at pigeon Lake, we her DSL “internet 6” out of your Mulhurst sub station.As you can well imagine this is painfully slow and the community ( Mulhurst, Silver Beach) and other surrounding summer villages are in DE...

Bachman1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! telus gmail migration: can't access my google groups:contact Organization Administrator for access

Hi everyone,After the telus gmail migration I cannot get to google groups.When I try go to any google group URL i.e. i briefly see a Telus logo and then this message belowWe are sorry, but you do not have access to Google Gr...

Bridge T3200M on MOCA lan

My modem is mounted in the garage and connected to fibre and coaxial cable. There is an ECB6200 MOCA adapter in the house that is connected to an Actiontec WEB6000Q extender. I want to remove the extender, bridge the modem and plug my own router into...

PureFiber GIG To ONT to Nighthawk AX12 and IPV6

New to telus To prepare for upcoming install , anyone have a similar set up not using Telus own modem/wifi router just the ONT to a third party router.also if the IPV6 WAn set up could be done via the router auto setup or there are specific values ha...

Resolving host - connection drops v.frequently

Hi thereAnyone else having a Resolving Host issue that causes connectivity to drop? This issue has persisted for me for 6 months now, on different browsers and different devices. I just introduced a new device to my home and it has the same problem.A...

ryanyvr by Just Moved In
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Speeds through a Booster

Have 1Gig internet , my question is about a booster , I have a booster hardwired from modem it runs to the other side of my house, was wondering what strength of signal should I get from a hardwired booster ? Speed Testing on a new iPad Pro

Miker1 by Just Moved In
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