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Resolved! Modem/Router Upgrade Support Doesn't Understand

Hi there I currently have the t3200m and boost wifi extenders. the t3200m is an awful modem/router and want to exchange for the new wifi telus hub. Support keeps telling me its only for celluar when I know its not. Can someone please from telus pleas...

Spenz by Neighbour
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Resolved! Using 2nd wifi router as Guest Wifi

Long story short. Used to be on SHAW. Modem connected on main floor in bridge mode. Used my own ASUS router. When I switched to Telus they had to connect the modem in the basement. Now main floor and top floor wifi is poor. I then set up 3 boosters w...

PL by Advisor
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Wifi cutting out

I find when I use FaceTime on my iPhone that my home Wi-Fi will cut out. Does anyone have a solution?

AnnM by Just Moved In
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Anyone have any success port forwarding cameras with T3200M

Hi Everyone, I just recently upgraded to the Gigabit Internet plan. I received the Telus Wifi Hub (white cylindrical shape modem) and I have tried almost everything that I can think of to try and port forward my 7 cameras so that I can view them remo...

Pbrise by Organizer
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What equipment is being used?

Okay, I think I will be switching over to Telus shortly for Optik TV and Gig Internet. I'm curious what equipment I will be receiving. After browsing the forums and the Telus website I can't tell if I will be receiving a T3200 or the Telus WiFi Hub? ...

Nautilus by Organizer
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Free iPhone from Telus email

Hi. I was contacted and told I won a free iPhone or iPad from Telus and was told I just needed to provide my credit card to cover the $3.00 shipping charge. I gave them my credit card thinking this was a legit offer. This was after I had a service ca...

Resolved! Ethernet ports

So recently I found out my Ethernet port in the wall doesn’t work so I went i my closet were the modem is and opened some metal box and someone had cut the wires and it was a Telus employee because they used to work but since one of the Telus employe...

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