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Telus WiFi Hub Arcadyan - Parental Control

Just Moved In

I have a Telus WiFi Hub Arcadyan (model: 4711a-prv65b) router. 

The admin panel does not have any option for parental control, or to block some websites/servers.

Am I missing something?

Is the option available and I can't find it?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Although not a direct answer to your question, might the CIRA DNS service meet your needs?



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Won't help, unless @amirabdi is willing to manually set DNS on all their home devices. The Arcadyan/Wi-Fi hub will happily ignore any upstream DNS you feed it, and will instead push its own LAN IP as the only DNS for IPv4 clients via DHCP. Trying to use filtering DNS servers like CIRA DNS or CloudFlare for Families is pointless when using the Arcadyan hub as a DHCP server (which cannot be disabled, outside of setting it in Bridge mode).


See my reply in this thread :