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Intrusive telephone calls from Telus


WHY am I bothered all the time with calls often inaudible about my Telus. account? I am entirely happy with all my services. Moreover long ago I asked for NO CALLS of the advertising type.

In any case, why do I not receive a personal email if there is some problem? I no longer hear well on the phone, and the callers have apparently received no training in making themselves heard.

And why is there no link for me to voice my complaint quite simply without my having to register for this elaborate new Forum membership?



Are you sure the calls are from Telus? There are lots of fake caller scams out there claiming to be the CRA, the police,  your bank, etc.

Well, the sender is officially at a Telus no. 855-755-2822 which appears to be legit. Not that one can make out much of the message at all.

Caller ID spoofing is the root of the scam caller problem. They can show any caller id number they want. If it's a recorded message it's definitely a scam. Telus would never call you with a recorded message.


Check out the Call Control feature. It's free. I haven't had a single robo call on my home line or my 4 mobile lines since I turned it on.

Thanks, but I do know about all that, and I don't think that these calls are scam or robo calls, it's just that they finish up as recorded messages on my machine. They are from Telus, looking for custom, and since I don't want them they ought to cease without any palaver.

As for scam calls from spoofed numbers, it's long been my conviction that the technology exists to identify these and block them automatically. I have even written to my MP about that, but then government doesn't always work for us, but often for its special moneyed friends. If every penny lost to fraud was billed to the telephone companies, the whole thing would cease NOW like turning off a tap.