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Horrible home internet reliability

Hello, I have been fighting internet drop off for years with telus, had them play with the settings on their end and on my router, had them replace the router, every night (like right now) I switch to my cell internet because I can't get connection.

After several calls and on hold hours and complaining I just have the answer that I have too many devices connected and it's likely one of my other devices causing the issue in which case we will have to charge me for the service call, last time around I got no showed, so as you can imagine I'm at my wits end. Each night without fail around 10 and on for a few hours its normal 15 mb connection then just completely drops out and I try resetting my router, run a speed test from admin page direct from telus router and it fails over and over then all of a sudden back to gold again. Not really sure how many times a night it does it as I give up eventually.

Any ideas that you have to try would be appreciated, im not a tech guy, but im somewhat competent in sorting things out on my own.

Sounds like a hardware issue or a line issue. Contact Telus customer service and ask for a replacement router.

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Can you provide some details about your Internet plan/service? Which router do you have? 

When you say "can't get a connection" are you saying your phone cannot get a WiFi connection or you have a WiFi connection but can't access the Internet?


If you want specific advice you need to provide specific details about the issue.

Sorry, I see now my detail were lacking, I have 15 mb service as that is the fastest available to me at my location, I have the actiontec 3200 telus adsl router, I can access the wifi signal at all times, the issue is the connection to the internet, as I mentioned when it happens I log directly into the actiontec modem as administrator and run the speed test option directly from the advanced user options of the modem ( figure that's the best way to eliminate any other source for being the problem) at these times the test always fails to complete, telling me that the modem has no service as far as I understand it, the test still fails after rebooting the modem.

Side note, after rebooting the modem I wait until the isp connection is green and says connected, most times it can take up to 10 minutes for that to happen. Before rebooting when the problem does occur I do log in and ensure that isp says connected.

Useful info. Now I don't have to waste your time (and mine) getting you to diagnose WiFi issues.

I wonder if the outages are due to DNS issues. The next time it happens do a ping test to the DNS server.

On the router status page you will see an IP address for DNS1. The ping test link is on the right side of the status page. You will need to log in (credentials should be on the side of the router unless you already changed it. Copy/paste the IP address to the addess input box on the Ping test page. If the DNS server responds to the ping test do a ping test to and if that passes try or

The ping test timed out, I set it for 32 bytes, did a test as well and it also timed out.

Sounds like a hardware issue or a line issue. Contact Telus customer service and ask for a replacement router.