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No internet

Hello,I have a ZTE smarthub, and I’ve had no internet since yesterday at 5:30pm, i did all that was asked, I reset my box and did all the troubleshooting and still nothing, I seen that their is some issues in Calgary area Aswell, but I would love an ...

internet data limits

I'm confused. My latest bill shows a charge for data overage, topped 2T. Family sat down and analyzed usage and we realized how the excess could have occurred and made some changes. As part of the review, we looked at daily and then historical data u...

SPAM coming via email

New to telus and it's world wide web service. What is up with the amount of spam coming via email? With shaw we were lucky to see one a week, if that. Now we get this (see image) 20-30 message thought out the day constantly. Need to do a better job, ...

canuck617 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Ethernet into wifi booster?

I understand that 1 booster has to be plugged into the router directly. That is what I have done.What I am asking is if I can use an ethernet cable to connect my PS5 to one of my other boosters I have.. or I should just leave it disconnected?Also.I h...

Aoimoku88 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! PureFibre ipv6 own router issues

I have PureFibre with my own router plugged directly into nokia ont. this works fantastic with ipv4, 0 issues! until I enable ipv6 in my router. It's able to get the ipv6 no problem and it works for a while but 30-60 minutes later my connection goes ...

Oricus by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet quality

I’m experiencing interruptions in my internet service. I’m in the Port Alberni area. Is Telus doing any system work?

John2498 by Neighbour
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Resolved! TELUS My Wi-Fi App does not recognize my boost netwok

I have just run into a problem recently where the Telus My WiFi app will not show my 5 wifi boosters that I have on my network. All 5 of my boosters are hard wired throughout my house with the TELUS moca adapters, and they work great. For some reason...

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