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Fiber cable but only 75Mbps plan

Helpful Neighbour
Hi there,

I am moving to an apartment. The previous tenant told us he was using TELUS with Fiber Cable. But When I try to apply a plan from the TELUS website. The highest plan is 75Mbps. I want something > 500Mbps. And Shaw offer 1.5Gbps in my apartment.

Shall I try to apply a 75Mbps first . When the technician come for installation, shall I ask him if my apartment / fiber cable support anything higher ?


Community Power User
Community Power User

If your building has fibre you would be offered 1GBps or higher. Your building is likely copper only and the max current plan offered is 75MBps, there are some 150MBps plans but that was offered a long time ago, mainly on a bonded service. 

Helpful Neighbour
My building/apartment has a fiber. And the website only offer me 75 plan.

I will post the fiber from previous owner later


@liliass @WestCoasterBC  I'm shure Westcoaster is correct. If this is an older apartment block ( depending on size )the chances of fiber having being installed is rare because the owner of the building would have pay. Huge number of units then telus might do it. So it is copper probably. Ask a person who live in the place easier than chasing telus.

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Community Power User

Probably best to talk to the landlord to find what options are available for Internet in the building.


My building only has 75Mbps available from Telus.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


I bet this confusion is caused by Telus calling their TV service Optik TV.  John Q Public sees that and assumes it means they've got fibre.
Bonehead move by Telus calling it that IMO.

I believe more so the blue guys touting themselves a fibre + with deceptive marketing hence he stated fibre cable.