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Resolved! Hardwired unfinished basement help

Full disclosure, I'm new to this wiring thing and am trying to piece together these acronyms, so talk to me like your explaining it to your 5-year-old nephew (even though he might understand most of this better than I do...) I'm finishing my basement...

VP by Just Moved In
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Sonos set up

I have tried for hours to connect a new Sonos Beam to my Telus wifi without success. Sonos even sent me a new BEAM to make sure it wasn't the device. I still getting the same problem. The Sonos app sees the BEAM and sets it up but as soon as it tries...

TimA by Just Moved In
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Resolved! T3200M USB storage on Mac?

Seeing how others were able to use the USB port on their modems for network storage, I decided to try the same with my external hard drive on my Mac. I connected it to the back to the modem, and it shows in the modem's firmware settings. But when I g...

RyDawg by Advisor
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Resolved! Internet transfer

I am looking to move to a new apartment that offer free internet since it is a new build. I currently have a 2 years internet contract with about 15 months left on it. I understand that if I cancel my service I will have to pay penalty fee for cancel...

Claudel by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Conversion to PureFibre - What to expect?

I got hounded until I finally agreed to go to PureFibre instead of my bonded modem copper Internet 75 plan. They agreed to maintain my current rates until the contract time expires. I have a T3200M modem and a 5 port ZyXEL ethernet extender box. One ...

RonAKA by Rockstar
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Resolved! Do I need a landline for Telus internet?

Hi, This may be a silly question, but I'd like to confirm. I've had a landline for a long time and I'm thinking of giving it up. I think at one point it may have been necessary to have a landline to have Telus internet. Maybe this was back in the A/D...

Notre2 by Organizer
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Resolved! NVR port forwarding on SmartHub?

Greetings, I have a Telus ZTE Smart Hub modem that gives me internet access via their LTE Cell network.I would like to know how I can connect my NVR cameras to the Smart Hub so that I can view my system when away from home via the internet?Thanks

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