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Resolved! Switch and Router Connected Directly to ONT

Hey everyone, I have had an idea brewing for a bit now on how to fix the Wi-Fi upstairs. Long story short, we have a pretty big house that's been finished already. The previous owners only wired the first floor for Ethernet, and I've already ran a 10...


The WIFI in my home drops in and out. I can see it on my iPhone as the wifi icon disappears and reappears. When I do a search or move to a different site on my iPad it says “site not found No wifi connection” when I refresh the site comes up. This lo...

TRF by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pure fibre vs. Shaw

I live in Belcarra and recently Telus installed fibre out here. I’m wanting to switch to fibre but when I contacted Shaw to cancel they told me the following... “ OK, so with Telus fibre, unless they have attached something new to your home, or dug u...

cdt79 by Just Moved In
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Fibre Optic Internet Install

I received notification that fibre optic is being installed in my neighborhood. Can anyone advise if thereis a way to know if they will do aerial or inground installation. Also, if I opt out now, can I get it later?

Heidi268 by Just Moved In
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Wifi scheduling restrictions

Recently my son bought a new phone so I'm using his old iPhone 8 now. There used to be a wifi scheduling restriction on his phone so I took it off but it still won't let me access the internet during the time his old restrictions were. In advanced se...

Foreign exchange adj

Hi.Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this but I just received my internet bill and it has a $250 charge for foreign exchange adjustment.Does anyone have any idea what this is?Thanks

Wi-fi cutting in and out

I have lived at my house for about 3 years and have had no issues with speed or connection up until this last month. Previously, there would be up to 3 game systems playing online with people streaming as well. In the last month there’s been signific...

Jrusso by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Smart Hub

The battery in my NEW Telus Smart Hub ZTE never fully charges to green. I only get about one hour of chargeable use.

Resolved! Setting up guest wifi network with boosters

I recently got some Telus wifi boosters (2 sets of 2) and would like to set up a guest network with at least 2 of them. Does anyone know the best way to do this, if it's possible? For information purposes, I have: 2 sets of 2 boosters, the Telus mode...

melmt by Just Moved In
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