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Cant access home phone voicemail or reset password

So I just enabled Call Control on my Telus home phone and when setting it up there was an option to send people straight to voicemail if they failed to get through call control. I thought this would be a great idea to set up in case an important call...

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 8.03.42 PM.png
RyDawg by Advisor
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Delay Connecting To Internet - Wired Connection

I recently had Fibre installed in my home and signed up for a plan with Telus. Everything is great except my PC connected to the router takes about 30 seconds to achieve a connection. I can only assume it's because the router has to communicate with ...

Infinite by Neighbour
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I signed up for a Telus promotion $65 a month and install and a free month was included. I just got my first bill and it's almost $400! The robot online was unable to access my account to help me.... How can I get this sorted?

Yet another customer service problem

Been a customer for 8+ years and my internet has never worked properly. Many many technicians have visited my home and no one has been able to crack the problem. Called Tech support last week outlining the issue yet once again, they couldn't fix it b...

RandyG by Just Moved In
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EPP Plans That Telus Doesn't Understand or Sell

Through work we received EPP offers. A few months back I switched phone two phones from Koodo and Rogers to Telus EPP. This alone was a nightmare because the plans sold to me; completed in store; were incorrect. I had data overages, so many issues an...

TelusLies1 by Friendly Neighbour
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NH20A Bridged = random dropped connection on wired

Hello,I saw the r/telus and searched as much as I could online, Telus forum, and in Reddit for possible solutions. Long and short, moved from Shaw to Telus on the 9th of May. I have a homelab setup with a Pfsense router managing everything. Shaw was ...

mikejf by Neighbour
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Resolved! Moving services fibre speed difference

So I recently moved two months ago to another home, I submitted the request via the app. Then I called Telus to confirm the move, but Telus no longer offered 1.5 G fibre so they changed the speed of my internet without notifying me. So I had to reach...

catmom by Just Moved In
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New Customer Free TV bundle disappointment

New Telus customer as I have move out and into my own place. I figured getting the bundle would be nice as I am getting an optik tv capable of 4K. I was assured on the phone that I will have a tv alongside some good discount as a part of my apartment...

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