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TELUS Wi-Fi Hub port forwarding issues

Every time I add an IP to forward to, it changes to a different ip, always .124 Example, lets say I want to forward to .71, it will change to .124 regardless of port I have tried a restart, but the issue still persists. Please help, it would be much ...

Customer service

Telus is quite literally the worst. Have been trying to contact for the past MONTH. I have moved and I now have my old apartment for only one more week. Takes 3 hours of time that i absolutely do not have to get ahold of anyone. And when I did they t...

T3200 and orbi set up recommendations

Hi I have pure fibre ONT -> T3200 and I want to add a Netgear Orbi mesh due to really bad wifi connectivity in the house. I have been through many threads with different recommendations about using the T3200 in Bridge mode or not. Below are some opti...

GRski by Just Moved In
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Telus connect app will not load device tab

Hi there! I went into my telus connect app to pause devices to try and limit the amount of wifi my children use and now I can't get into the devices tab to unpause them. It won't load and it keeps saying oops something went wrong. I have restarted th...

Moca on Fiber 3GBPS bandwidth

Hello, I recently upgraded my fiber package to 3GPBS but sadly the only way to connect the Telus fiber hub is via a moca connection. I have been looking at buying a 3rd party moca device (please see link for the device) but as this product is a littl...

Druus by Just Moved In
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Issues with IP addresses not being assigned

I am having issues with IP addresses not being assigned when I have a switch plugged in at a specific outlet. The issue doesn't occur right away, the network will be fine for a day or two, sometimes weeks but eventually the network will stop assignin...

jlieu by Just Moved In
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Resolved! TELUS Arcadyan Boosters

Does anyone know the temperature operating limits of the TELUS Wi Fi Boosters? Looked at the fine print and do not see any declaration of same.

bskitmor by Organizer
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When I got fibre installed, I was only given one booster. Admittedly my house isn't very big (less than 1200 sq ft) but the modem is located in the basement. When the technician installed the fibre (1Gb) he handed me the booster and told me to plug t...

Lobo by Just Moved In
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Web access to voice mail not working

Has something happened to Telus web access to voicemail. When I click on the url for voice mail access it takes me to a new log on screen but when I logon nothing happens, I get an error message saying the web page cannnot be opened. So now I cannot ...

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