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Escalating an internet outage

I have an internet outage (seems related to the Nokia modem handling the finer that comes into my house) and a technician needs to come to fix the issue. Problem is , there are no technicians available and the earliest one can come is in 7 days !!! B...

Rbe by Neighbour
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DynDNS with Webcall URL

Hello, I have a Technicolor FXA5000 and I setup dyndns a few months ago and i'm pretty sure I used a Webcall URL but i can't for the life of me remember were I entered the URL. If anyone has setup dyndns this way please let me know.

bradlyks by Neighbour
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Resolved! GUEST network

Hello,Is it true that virus on devices connected to the GUEST network won't affect devices connected to the main (ethernet) network?I have Actiontec T3200MThank you.

jlijli by Organizer
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Resolved! What do do with a Actiontec6000q

Upgraded to TelusFibre. I help on to the wifi+ device until i moved all my devices over to the new SSID. Now I have this and I'm told Telus doesn't want it back. Should I just drop it off at e-waste recycling or give it away?

kevintbc by Neighbour
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Resolved! IP Address -Internet

What are your thoughts on dynamic or static ip address configuration for modems or routers?Can Internet work with dynamic or static ip address?Will internet work for residential or business modems?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Adding Google NEST wifi hub direct from Telus Modum

I recently got a Telus fibre installation.1. There's a wired connection from the Telus modem to my NEST WiFi hub.2. I also have a direct wired connection from the Telus modem to my PC.All devices, whether connected via WiFi or Ethernet, have internet...

Ludwig by Neighbour
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API for router to disconnect a device

Greetings! I want to control the screen time for my 5-year-old. One of the agreements is to rest the eyes for a while after some minutes of watching the iPad. I want to disconnect and connect the device (iPad) after triggers to enforce this. I notice...

qhwa by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Replacing Telus/Actiontec T3200 Modem

I am looking to replace my Telus/Actiontec T3200 with a TP-Link AX1800. I have fibre internet only and no Telus Optik TV. Is it as simply as removing the T3200 and using the same patch cable from LAN1 on the ONT to the WAN port of the new TP-Link rou...

homac by Neighbour
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