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Live in Vancouver Island but rural internet connect to tower in Kamloops


I have been having troubles getting anything done from Telus about this problem. we live in the Cowichan Valley and have a tower about 3 Kms from our house. But our Rural internet constantly connects to a tower outside of Kamloops. Does anyone know of a fix for this. Telus is no help. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Your phone is not directly connecting to a tower in Kamloops. Cell towers do not offer that kind of range. If you are using residential rural cellular internet, there's a 99.9% change that you won't have a direct public IP assigned to your router / gateway. Most cellular internet users tend to connect through a shared gateway to the actual internet. The IP address associated with that gateway may be or has recently been in use in Kamloops previously. 


When you see that you are supposedly connected to Kamloops, what website or app are you using? Is it on mobile or is it on your computer? The free geolocation databases that most website and apps use can take months to update, if whatever public IP your connection uses was recently acquired. Edit: This also applies to DSL and fibre connections as well.

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