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Whatsapp calling and tvip box not working

I have a telus home internet, my internet is working very well but only whatsapp calling feature and tvip box is not working
I have checked for the restrictions already but all seems fibe there
Please suggest me

Community Manager
Community Manager

Does your WhatsApp calling work on cellular?


I have the same issue after moving to a new telus Location, it worked before but since I moved and my modem and wifi booter were changed my whatsapp calls do not work and a third party IPtv service

replying to telus_support it worked on my previous telus location in the same city, it works with other providers and it works with other telus connections, I called support and they say it is a problem with the app im using, but many devices have the same issue the single point of failure is my internet connection.

I called support and the guy tried to help, but this seems to be a weird case, some of my firends had the same issue with telus in the past and they "solved" the issue by switching ISPs but I really want to stick with telus that other wise has been a good Service provider.

the Guy in support did the following:
1- Rebooted the device.
2- Factory Reset the device.
3- Changed the IP address.
4-some other stuff with the "backend people" that I am unaware of.

That's definitely an interesting one. Perhaps you could check in with the app developer itself.