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Poor service

Telus have offered a good monthly plan to me over the phone. As, I switched over I keep getting higher bills. Most recent bill I got $237 and some change. I have called 4 times already and soent hours with reps over the phone. Now, I wanted to escala...

Device list

When moving the wifi hub from one address to another, does the Telus Connect app keep all the devices that were previously connected to the hub on the Idle device list?Further to that, do the Idle Device list ever get erased after a certain amount of...

84353 by Neighbour
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Problem setting up my friend's telus account.

My friend bought a telus home internet connection a couple months ago. It was not from a store or online, instead from a salesperson at a mall. The person signed him up but didn't give him the customer service pin which is required to set up his MyTe...

Loveleen by Neighbour
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WiFi Boost A and B

Hello,I have the “Trash Can” Arcadian modem and have been having issues with my WiFi boosters since the new modem was installed.Today, I realized that the “first” booster - the booster that was first connected to my modem, has a unique serial number ...

MTheG by Neighbour
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Router Documentation

Hello Everyone: I just switched to Telus Fibre, away from Shaw. My router and single access point (booster?) have been installed. I am a bit of a nerd and would like more information on the web interface for the router, but cannot seem to find anythi...

Hawkwood by Neighbour
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Resolved! Ogden phone service / 911 still down Day 7

I was promised by support a call at 10:00am today. No callYour response yesterday was encouraging.That was the first email I have received from telus in 6 days.I did subscribe to email and text notifications.Three different times in fact.Not one repl...

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