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Extend WiFi coverage

Looking to add a WiFi router to extend WiFi coverage to areas where there is little to know coverage in my house and then add a non-wireless printer to the new router and make it wireless . The telus modem/router I have is actiontec v1000h.

hawki by Friendly Neighbour
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Issue with Fibre Upgrade in Port Coquitlam

I called in to upgrade to Telus Internet 100 yesterday, as they've upgraded Port Coquitlam. I was told I could have fibre activated but there's a node issue and 100 isn't available. Does anyone how long it will be until this is resolved, and am I was...

How to access router from browser?

I want to access my router at, but typing this into any browser (I've tried Chrome and IE so far) ends up with the page timing out. How can I access my router settings?

Scheduling Access Doesn't Prevent all Internet Access

Has anyone else noticed that the access scheduling doesn't seem to completely control access? I have rules setup limiting access to the internet for certain MAC addresses (wireless and LAN). Somehow there are certain apps kids use that seem to be una...

psitech by Helpful Neighbour
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Meaning of "unlimited"?

Are there caps on the "unlimited" add on to my Internet? For example... I have unlimited data on my cell phone but there are still caps on it for excessive use.

MrKong by Friendly Neighbour
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Can anyone get 1080p on there optic Netflix???All I can seem to get is 3000 bitrate and a result of 1280x720 on my example short 23.976 and I switch to Chromecast and roku3 and I get a test of bitrate 5800kbps and a result of 1920x1080

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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You’ve exceeded your monthly Internet data allowance

But maybe not, we are not quite sure.... Looking at the usage page it currently says 0gb used (for march) I received this email for March billingAccording to this page there are supposed to be internet usage notifications sent out at 75%, 90% and 100...

not by Neighbour
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X-box one

Is there any word if telus will bring back tv to the x-box one,it would sure be nice if they did..

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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