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Internet speeds

Is there any way I can upgrade the download speeds it's already high speed but I need something faster

RyanH by Just Moved In
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Playing itunes music via wifi throught Apple TV box

My PC is connected wireless to my telus modem. My Apple TV box is direct connected to the modem, and my receiver. When I play iTunes music from my PC, through the Apple TV box, it will play just fine for quite some time, and then will start to break-...

kenr by Neighbour
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Setting up new personas on our e-mail account

I am trying to set up different personas on our e-mail account (Under preferences, then Accounts). I have set up two additional personas so far. Sending e-mails from these personas is no problem, but so far our account is not able to receive e-mails ...

vmr by Just Moved In
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Automatic tuning

Does optic TV have auto tune? Which means we can go to a program and click on it so it will automatically come on when it is time. We had that option on Bell as well as we could get a reminder when that programm is going to startdoris Gauthier

Doris34 by Just Moved In
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WiFi signal

I live in a 1200 sq ft townhouse and my WiFi is setup in the kitchen at the back of the house and I can barely get a signal in my bedroom at the front of the house upstairs. Doesn't seem right to me.

Mekano by Neighbour
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Resolved! No go!

An account was set up for me for Internet 50. So the installer/tech went here to check our place and his final assessment was to make holes on the walls. He gave me a consent form to see if I can talk it out with the landlord. Our landlord did not ag...

JMJ by Neighbour
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Resolved! General Question (ASAP)

Hi this is Jerico, I'm getting my Telus Internet 50 installed tomorrow at our place (HOUSE). To cut the complicated part. This house was installed with phone line and Internet from Shaw. There are several people living in this house. A family living ...

JMJ by Neighbour
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Astronomical Bill

I made the leap from Shaw to Telus years ago & at the beginning, I was really impressed. I was told that "bundling" my TV, Internet & hone phone was the best way to go however my bills have become so astronomical, I sometimes have trouble paying them...

Krista__ by Just Moved In
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