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Issue with the T3200M and bonded lines?

Over the past weekend I upgraded from internet 50 to internet 100 (Bonded lines). During the install the tech tried to replace my V1000H modem with the new T3200M but for some reason it wouldn't work. The first modem he tried would only read line 2 a...

Problem sending email using Outlook when travelling

For years, I have had no problem using Outlook anywhere in the world, using outgoing server and port 1025. Within the last few months, however, something has changed on the Telus end and I can no longer send email through Outlook when ...

jmhyyc by Just Moved In
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distrubuted attack

Hi, How do I configure my system so it will not be part of a distributed attack?Running 2 Ipads and a desk top behind a Telus router. Don

Don2 by Neighbour
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PS4 lag on WiFi

I get lag pretty bad on my PS4 if I play multiple player games online (specifically NHL 17). I get a lot of freeze and speed up or I drop out of the game altogether. Sometimes I will get a fine enough connection where it is minimal or not at all, but...

campau79 by Organizer
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Current 4K PVR Hardware?

I am having 4k installed at the end of the month. What 4k PVR hardware can I expect and what resolution output does it use for HD channels? 720p, 1080i or 1080p? Looking at various TV's upscaling to 4k ability and which TV to pair with the 4K PVR. th...

ronh_pm by Neighbour
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Ps4 ethernet cable

So i just recently connected with telus but i cant move my router into my room becuase i need a phone line... So i have a motem in my room but when i plug a ethernet cord into it, it sais i have no ip....HELPPP I WANT TO PLAY PS4

Robot911 by Just Moved In
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