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Resolved! Can't bridge actiontech T1200H

Can't bridge Actiontech T1200H - 31.128L.07 with dlink DIR 819. Went to Telus router and enable the port bridge and change the RPC 1483 via DHCP bridging style from none to blocked so I will be able to click the RPC 1483 via DHCP transparent bridge b...

leo33 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Massive data usage

My data usage since jan 2016 has usually fallen between 80 and 172 gigs a month. January 2017 usage has 8 days to go and I am at 462 gigs. Today after checking the usage at 9.40am it was 428 gigs. At 4.39pm it was 462gigs, a increase of 34 gigs. This...

phil2017 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! 3 plus feeds

my mom and dad both have 3 hd feeds and 1 sd. my moms friend out in the town of Vernon, BC only has 1 hd. and i see the 4k pvr has faster speeds and 5 hd plus 1 sd. will or how will people with more than 5 people in the house record there tv shows?is...

Resolved! Surrey fibre optic investment/ info on it

so i ask this question before or half my whole neighborhood has fibre tho four house on my side of road is not done. hopefully by mid Feb its done!! tho i just phoned Telus fibre number and ask about my dad senior trailer park in #fleetwood a...

Resolved! No free gift?

Hi, does anyone know how long it takes to receive the free prepaid credit card? Last Fall I received a special offer from Telus where if I signed up for a 2 year commitment, I would receive a prepaid credit card. On November 4, 2016 I received a voic...

Marc56 by Organizer
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Resolved! Changing IP address

I have recently had my IP permanently blocked from a website and wish to have my Ip unblocked. I've tried release/renewing multiple times but my IP doesn't change, is there anyway to change it?

Ali_E by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Quote one price, bill higher price?

I wanted to save on my mixed service, so contacted Telus to bundle TV, phone and Internet. Took about an hour to set up the service and was repeatedly told what my total bundle price would be. Happy with price and options, so agreed over the phone an...

Dad1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Help: Optik 150 & Slow/Laggy T3200M WIFI Problem Galaxy S7

Just switched over to Telus from Shaw in the summer. Since day one, the WIFI has been very slow/laggy when using my Samsung Galaxy S7 (also on Telus). I've had a couple of tech guys come out regarding other issues and neither of them had any suggesti...

jaymac10 by Organizer
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