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Online Gaming

Hey Everyone! Wanted to start a thread for discussion around all things gaming. From PC gaming to consoles, everything and anything about games. Are you #TeamXbox or do you ride with SONY? Did you know that the inaugural TELUS Esports Series is under...

A-B by Community Manager
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Google Maps - How to solve Organization Administrator issue

Hey everyone! We’ve noticed a few threads pop up from customers having trouble getting access to their Personal Google account data (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Photos, YouTube, etc.). This issue is typically caused by an error known as “conflicting ...

cpantelis_0-1620131020720.png cpantelis_1-1620131050002.png cpantelis_2-1620131079133.png cpantelis_3-1620131099757.png
cpantelis by TELUS Employee
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Gmail Migration - New Support Content

Hey everyone, as many of you have noticed, since last year, we’ve been migrating customers to the new TELUS email powered by Google. Providing new benefits, such as: Triple your current storage space from 5 GB to 15 GB Being able to check your email ...

psl by Neighbourhood Alum
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SportsNet Now

When will Telus Satellite subscribers get access to Sportsnet Now? I pay the same amount as Optik TV subscribers for a "middle package" and yet only Optik TV subscribers get access to Sportsnet Now... sign the contract already! I would get Optik if I...

FenT by Just Moved In
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Live Agents

Are there specific hours the live agents are available. I have been waiting about an hour. Started at 10 people in the queue -- it is now down to three but has stayed at three for about 30 minutes. Am I wasting my time?

GJM2651 by Just Moved In
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Home phone

I need to cancel my home phone because my rent is go up , now is very hard for me . I keep only TV and Internet

yb by Just Moved In
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Do Powerline Adapters work with Telus?

Hi all, I have a Telus 50 plan and although I get more than enough speed through 5G wifi, it doesn't stay stable enough to stream on Twitch or Youtube. I asked Telus if they could move my router but they said no. Has anyone had any success with using...

Shaeyha by Just Moved In
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My Fibre Internet 150/150 install photos and diagram

Telus tech installed the internet 150 last weekend (no 4k PVR). My Ethernet distribution design diagram and installation photos are attached. I will post some user experience as time goes on. Any question/comment, don't hesitate to ask. FTTH Fiber in...

FTTH SCo1.png P1010835w.jpg P1010835w.jpg P1010833w.jpg
SCo by Ambassador
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Wireless strength

So I have been reading on how to get a better WiFi signal. It seems getting a dual band router and bridge the actiontec. But I have the wireless tv boxes and they are connected to the telus supplied access point. How do I go about making sure that. A...

Plumeja by Neighbour
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Power Outage

Will my fibre optik service for TV and Internet work during a power outage if connected to generator power?