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Resolved! How to assign a static IP to a device?

HI all, On my mac I have too add my printer via IP, however its ip obviously being dynamic always changes. Where in the router settings or other place can I assign my printer to stay the same IP so I don't constantly have to change it on my mac? Than...

Resolved! T2200H vs T3200M

I currently have a Actiontec T2200H using an Asus Dual Band Router. I am going to move to the Google AC 1200 routers. Not sure if it's even an option, but would I be best to see if I can get an Actiontec T3200M before I start setting it all up, or wi...

Resolved! Fiber lines wanted in our area

When will our area get Fiber internet we are located 7 minutes east of Leduc, AB and 7 minutes South of Beaumont,AB our area is called Sunnyville as well connected within 2 miles north is a smaller subdivision and one 3 x our size 2 miles northwest ?...

IAE by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Need faster speed in Chetwynd, BC

Living in Chetwynd, BC and know that there is fiber coming into town and goes past my subdivision and stops at the Rec Centre. Fastest speed I can get is 6 MPS and would like to know when Fiber or a faster speed will be available.

Jam1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! European Soccer

TSN is carrying UEFA European Champion games today--except one...the only one I want. It is carried by BEING. (Manchester City v Feyennoord)What am I paying my package fee for?

4411 by Just Moved In
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Hdmi.HDCP link integrity check failed

My tv displays this message every time I turn it on " Unable to display video service over HDMI.HDCP link integrity check failed" when I unplug my hdmi cord and plug it back in it works fine! But I have to do this every time. I have changed cords...c...

Sunshine3 by Friendly Neighbour
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Webmail Filters!

How many you use Telus webmail? How many of you use folders? How many of you use "filters"? At work, I have Outlook rules which quickly sorts incoming email into folders. I want to share a tip that Telus webmail filters does the same thing. I spend m...

xl by CPU Alum
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