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Internet speed tests are fine, but internet is very laggy while gaming/streaming

Friendly Neighbour

I have 750/750 fibre internet with a T3200m modem. I run speed tests often and use an ethernet cable that is CAT6. My speeds usually show around 350/350 which  isn't 750 but is fine. My issue though is that when I am either gaming or streaming, the internet goes through massive lag spikes every ~minute or so and the connection does not seem consistent/strong enough for me to stream. Anything that needs a consistent connection is very poor UNLESS I use a VPN - in which case things stabilize, but then I have a higher MS time which is a natural result of using a VPN. My OptikTV also has a very hard time loading the on-demand menu even though the router is located a mere ~30 ft from the Optik box.


I spoke to tech support and the guy basically suggested I either get a static IP (not sure how to do that) which is basically the same idea as my VPN but would be more stable or he says I could get a third party router and bridge it and then use that.




Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus does not offer static IP to residential internet services. In fact, they don’t guarantee permanent IP to their business clients, just long-term DHCP.

Your assigned IP address could stay the same for months, so your issue should not be the fluidity of an IP address.

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I have business internet.