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Townhouse fiber optic access issue

I have been wanting to have Fiber Optic for years. To this day, my unit still cannot get it. I do not want to stuck with SHAW. But all my neighbors in my complex are all with Telus Fiber Optic. Is there a reason why my unit cannot get access to it bu...

cocobeex by Just Moved In
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Utility Box Damaged

There is a damaged utility box in my neighborhood (missing door, wires exposed). Can I please be provided a contact number or email to report this.

sjssjs by Just Moved In
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Philips hue Bridge wont connect

Help!! I just moved in and very excited to set up my new Philips hue smart lights. I plugged in the bridge to my router and the 3rd light (to show connected to internet) is blinking. I tried searching the forums for answers and tried to usual suspect...

tsnow8 by Just Moved In
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Internet not working

My internet hasn’t been working for days. Constantly kicking us off. I need it fixed. I work online and my kid does her college online and is now so behind she may be asked to leave the program! I called Telus several times and they say they won’t se...

MSaw by Just Moved In
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Telus WiFI Booster Browser Access

Hi All -- I used to be able to access my Telus boosters through a browser app and see the connections -- speed etc. There was always a warning about insecure content but I was able to get in and view the booster connections on a web page. A day or so...

bskitmor by Organizer
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Hello, I have been on the phone with Telus for 4 hours with technical support, I have been on hold for customer service for one hour, I would like to send an invoice for my time, who do I send it?I would also like to have the internet Plus which you ...

LVEB by Neighbour
  • 4 replies
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