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Useless telus wifi adult content filters

Hello everyone since telus upgraded us to Fibre options and replaced our router and wifi adult content filters is useless. I am very frustrated with this. The telus connect app has adult content filters set to turned on and does not block any PORN si...

Rwmv by Neighbour
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Resolved! 1.5GB speed help with telus router.

Hello I upgraded to the Telus 1.5G speed service.Setup.Garage has modem installed.Telephone wall jack in the second floor is connected by cat 8 to Telus cylinder router that shows 2.5gb.Telus cylinder router ethernet port 1 or 2 is connected by cat 8...

winter1 by Neighbour
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Home internet problem

I moved my home internet to a new address in early January. My problems started from then. At first, the internet speed was very low, and a technician came and solved it, but since then, I have problems accessing many sites and applications, and my i...

adib by Organizer
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HELP! Lost post!

How do I find a post/question I submitted that I know I made because it was answered, that I'm sure I bookmarked but I don't see it anywhere on the forum or listed in My Subscriptions or in Bookmarks or... where else do I look, thanks! Oh, it was tit...

Mr_noemail by Helpful Neighbour
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fibre internet

i am 25 year customer of telus internet it upsets me that in this day and age i can not get fibre internet to my home in sherwood park when 2 blocks over from other people have telus fibre i dont care about cost i want the best other parts of sherwoo...

Useless Parental Controls?

What is the use of having parental controls when there is no way of setting a PIN for the Main Profile? This does not make sense! Parental control seems to be used only for online purchases and setting ratings but kids still have access to everything...

GuiPerez by Just Moved In
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