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Is product/service loyalty a thing of the past.

Dear Telus representative,I thought I would start off by insulting you the reader…. However, I realized that insulting someone I didn’t know would be incredibly rude.On further thought, I realized that to insult someone I know and care for is even ru...

Telus Boost expansion packs

Hello, I currently have a telus boost starter pack and one expansion pack. I need two more expansion packs. My question is can I just add another starter pack, the devices all seem to be the same or do I have to buy two more expansion packs? Thanks i...

Jeremy-eh by Just Moved In
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Call Control

Would anyone know if there is a limit to the number of callers you can have on your "Accepted Callers List"?I have tried adding some additional numbers, and when I go to save the additions, it comes back that the system is currently down. This is occ...

Resolved! ONT Battery Backup Beeping

Hey folks,The last couple of nights, the battery backup attached to my ONT has started randomly beeping. There’s no notice that the battery is toast but after I silence the alarm, the “Battery Power” light is flashing (slowly). Any thoughts? I’m hopi...

Resolved! Wi-fi keeps cutting out.

Every 10-15 minutes, my internet will completely go out for a minute, making videos buffer and kick me out of online games, making it virtually unplayable. Sometimes it will go out multiple times in 5 minutes. I’ve reset my router and called in multi...

Aryan- by Just Moved In
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