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New home Internet Setup

I bought a new apartment in west Coquitlam. Although the unit has installed a Telus Box and indicated that"Your home is TELUS QuickConnect Enabled and already connected to the TELUS PureFibre Network.", thecustomer service said that unit is not avail...

Home Internet services

I am looking for an email address to submit my complaint regarding home internet service which is not working properly from past 6 months or more. When I call the customer care, they give me some solutions which are not working at all like switch off...

Sawhney01 by Just Moved In
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Fibre Upgrade

I received a number of "Immediate Action Required" emails and now finally a registered letter from Telus telling me to do the upgrade to Fibre. Which I'd be fine with, except that when I try going to, it tells me I'm not eligib...

bfreund by Just Moved In
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Resolved! No phone service

our phone lines are not working for a week. Talked to at least 20 people and spent hours on the line. Our cell phones do not work good in this area. I would like to send an email with my complaint. Not sure why a technician has not been sent.

ZR by Just Moved In
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can't login to my wifi hub

I am trying to login the admin panel (, but the default admin password(the one at the bottom of the cylinder) doesn't work. Resetting to factory doesn't help. Know what is the problem?

ray34567 by Just Moved In
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Internet not working

Hi thereMore than 1.15 hour I am waiting for compliant for home internet is not working ........really need to improve in customer service

Amit1 by Just Moved In
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Home phome problems

I am needing to connect to a Customer Service or Customer Relations agent via email (my home phone is not working, I can not be reached nor I can not phone out ... no dial tone) but, my internet still works ... I can email. I do not have another phon...

Axelcat by Just Moved In
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change internet plan

I want to change my internet plan, but when I go to my [telus] and click on [internet], the page does not appear. I have been trying for 3 days now and no matter how many times I try, the page does not appear. I understand the change procedure. It's ...

tks by Just Moved In
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