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New home package

We just signed up today for the new hope package deal. We received the confirmation email about the deal but I noticed it didn’t have any information on the visa gift we’re supposed to get . I was just wanting some confirmation on that .

James780 by Just Moved In
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What’s going on with this WiFi?

Wifi is not responding. I can’t even access this forum over my wifi and have to turn it off to use cellular. It says the server is not responding. PikTV is not responding either and I imagine it’s related. Non telus pages seem to work fine though whi...

JaredS by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Can I use my own modem/router system with Telus?

Can I use my own modem/router system with Telus? I currently have the Pure Fibre plan utilizing the Telus Router and 2 boosters. The new router/ WiFi system is called M2 HIVE WiFi System by Merku. Any thoughts/advice?

Boost and using GoToMeeting

Hi everyone,The signal strength on the extender in my home office is showing as excellent and I have my laptop connected to it via ethernet cable. It works fine for regular internet except when it comes to using GoToMeeting for conferences the extend...

Punny604 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Auto Tune with Reminder

I just made the switch from Bell Satellite to Optik TV. Before making the switch, I checked with the Telus rep to make sure the Auto Tune and Reminder feature was available. I was assured it was as I would not have made the switch without it. I'm ver...

Gordon2 by Organizer
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Internet wi-fi dropping

Last fall I upgraded my net speed to 75 (fastest), mostly because it only cost a few bucks. The change involved three technician visits to double the wiring to my router, one guy was even in the hole under the green box in my neighbour's yard. Ever s...

verdant by Just Moved In
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sound/picture sync in browser, guide issues

Hey, I often watch telus optik TV in a web browser. Synchronization problems are highly frequent. Is this a side effect of still using the outdated Flash technology? Flash is barely supported anymore and is generally discouraged due to security flaws...

doogly by Neighbour
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Boost, extenders and wifi woes

I'm hoping someone can help with my mess that is now my home wifi. Everything has been great for a long time. I had the standard actiontec router and wifi was good to passable. 2.4g was cameras, 5 was other home devices. I got smart home security ins...

stick by Organizer
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