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Wi-Fi 6 Modems


When can we expect Wi-Fi 6 modems for home users?


Thanks !!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus doesn’t divulge what they’re working on. When they have something to announce, they’ll share the information. 

Wi-Fi 6 is definitely on my wish list as well. 

Thanks WestCoasterBC !!

Telus should disclose something whether they are working on this or not.


I know as much that they are in the testing stage and are replacing the boosters with a new wifi6 mesh system as the (trash can) router that acts as a boost has been a complete flop. I’ve been trying to get up higher in the media chain to know What’s going on and hopefully one day I can be a beta tester for them cause boy do I have some input and frankly would just want to sink bell further into the ground tech wise.

Rockstar is on Telus' website now as a new modem. You might be able to request an upgrade by contacting them directly.