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Port Forwarding no longer works on my T3200M


I have a T3200M router and for many months I was hosting a Minecraft server on my computer with the port TCP 25565. Since then it stopped working, and this says the port is closed, even with the server running. I have tried everything I can think of, I've double-checked and triple-checked that all the settings and numbers are correct, but still no success. Nobody can connect, and the port remains closed. 

I've tried

  • Changing the server port and testing
  • Enabling UPnP
  • Restarting the Router
  • entering Minecraft's ports in the application section of the control page instead of the port forwarding section

There are probably more things I did that I cant think of right now, having struggled with this for a few hours now, but I really don't know how it could just stop working like this. Any help is appreciated.



Does the external IP address shown on your port checker site match the WAN IP address assigned to the T3200M?

It matches the modem ip address shown in the router control panel. I believe this is the right number because it always worked before, but I could be wrong.

If your external IP matches the router WAN IP then your service is not behind carrier grade NAT.

What router firmware version are you on? There was an update recently rolled out so it may be that your router needs a reboot. I'm on the new version and my port forwarding still works fine. 

Sorry, I missed the part in your original post that said you already tried rebooting the router. Have you verified that your server IP address matches the IP address in your port forward settings? Have you assigned (reserved) a static IP address to your server?

Now that I think about it, I never actually restarted the router since around last month when it was last working. The router is on firmware version 31.164L.22, and I can confirm that the WAN IP matches the external IP shown online. I also made sure that the IP address in the port forwarding menu matches the IP of my computer that I am running the server from. With this in mind, I'm guessing the next logical step would be to restart the router and I will try that when I get home.

31.164L.22 is the new version and I updated mine 2 weeks ago. Some have reported that they got it over a month ago so the timeframe is about right. Check your router system up time before you reboot. My router had been up for almost a year.

My uptime is about a month so I should probably restart then. I'll let you know what happens when I do so, but it will be a few hours as I am out at he moment.

I restarted the router and it is still not working. Any other suggestions?

Any other suggestions would be pure speculation since I have no additional information on your settings or network configuration.

Thanks for helping anyway

The internal configuration file sometimes becomes corrupt after these updates.

Do a factory reset and manually apply your port forwarding over again plus any other customised setting you may have done.

It has fixed similar issues when actiontec devices web interface and observed behaviour no longer matches. I seemed to have it fail after every firmware update and need factory reset as my dynamic dns setting always stopped working after these updates.


Try using a VPN and see if it works.  That's what I did for some other issues and it worked.  If it does.  Please let us know because it could be Telus has issues that are affecting customers in a variety of ways.