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VPN and windows 10 family safety

Friendly Neighbour

I'm having a weird problem with residential Telus Internet.  Does anybody else have the same issues?

About a month ago I noticed that I can no longer monitor or set screen time for Windows Family Safety (windows 10) and I could also not stream some videos from certain sites.

My work has Telus Business with a different modem than the t3200M for home.  I have no problem with the work one. 

Then I tried some different VPNs like Avast and Nord. 

With the VPN, bam...everything is fixed.  Windows Family Safety works and the videos stream.
Telus tech support couldn't help me.

Before the VPN I tried resetting the  modem, cycling it...nothing worked.

The same situation happens at a friends house who also uses Telus...nothing unless I use a VPN.