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Pairing remote with sound bar

I need the code for Samsung Soundbar so I can pair it with telus remote. Also, the steps to pair would be great.

tstack by Just Moved In
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NHL Center Ice

When I go into my guide, the NHL Center Ice channels are missing. In the settings I selected "check all", go back to the guide. Still not there. I can't even enter the channel manually

MichelleL by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Software updates

Hi, is there a way to be notified when a software update is available for any of the devices that I have? ie Modem or OpticTV or phone. I currently have an update that needs to be done across all my Telus devices and apparently the auto updated didn'...

panda66 by Just Moved In
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Error No. 4-44-50016

Hello ... I can log on to Optik TV from my Mac Mini using Safari. When trying access the CTV Calgary Station 101 and CTV News Network 801 ... I get the subject message. When I select "Dismiss" it takes me back to a screen where I can select that stat...

eddy3216 by Helpful Neighbour
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Telus Remote does not work if more than 2 ft away

Customer has issues with telus remote control/stb. She needs to be at 2ft away to work perfectly, if she is more than 2ft, it does not work properly. She needs to press it multiple times before it works. We replaced the remote control 3 times but no ...

HarryC by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Netflix

Why would Netflix stop working on one tv and not another? Wifi setup. Have tried reboot of both. Signed out and back in as well.

Ger by Just Moved In
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Billing issues and unauthorized recording

Does anyone else have the problem of charges for on demand requests appearing on their bills that aren’t theirs? Also I’ve noticed when going through channels there are recording requests I have never requested does anybody else have this problem. It...

MsEmm55 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! TELUS 4k box : only IR control ?!

Is there any way to control the current TELUS Optik 4k box (aka Arris VIP5662W) with anything other than IR codes ?It’s ironic this is an IPTV box and you can’t use IP (Ethernet) control ! What about RS232 ?I would like to integrate this using home a...

Ss_blake by Organizer
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