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Optik TV Program Reminders

Sorry if this is a beaten-to-death topic, but the last update I can find seems to be from 2015, so: is there any further word on making program reminders on Optik available? The lack of them might have been a dealbreaker had I known before bailing on...

Resolved! PVR Not Recording

In recent days our wireless PVR has quit recording scheduled recordings and roust trying to record a show one is currently watching.I have rebooted the modem and the digital box a number of times and it has not resolved the issues.Anyone have any oth...

Shadow1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Slimline 2 remote and LG TV

I have a problem with a LG TV, all remote functions (Slimline 2) work, but the volume control doesn't, not with the soundbar or with just the speakers on the TV.I went through the set-up procedure a few times, but there is no change.The set-up code t...

Reymond by Just Moved In
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data usage

My data usage has taken a huge leap. Even on days when we are gone all day. We don't use netflix, (roku about 3 hours per week) so wonderfing if "stingray" music uses data??

gardener by Just Moved In
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Resolved! 3 out of 4 PVRs not working after bridging modem

We added the Nighthawk to our network (plugged into port 1 of the modem) and we bridged our Telus Modem. Everything seems to be working except the PVR option on our Optik TV. We have 4 boxes: the main box is still showing the list of recorded items, ...

hdhanley by Neighbour
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Resolved! Registration for Optik TV App Through Box

Hi everyone, I am not able to confirm my Optik TV account. To make a long story short, my landlord pays the bill for the Optik box. However, the box has an option where you can enter an email address and have access to that box to use the Optik app. ...

nieder by Friendly Neighbour
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2nd TV, wireless, bad connection/signal = Freezing

Our 2nd main TV is on a wireless PVR and the signal seems really bad. The TV shows, live or recorded on the PVR constantly freezes making watching anything pretty frustrating and unwatchable. The downstairs TV is not that far away from the main Route...

BigBadger by Friendly Neighbour
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Optic wifi

How do you change wi-fi networks on telus optik 4k box

SheldonM by Just Moved In
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