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Unable to delete PVR recordings

Just Moved In

Telustv-21T shows a few programs that appear to have been recorded but there is no content to view nor can they be deleted.  When trying to delete, prompt says they cannot be deleted.  When selected, all that appears is a red dot with 'cancel', no option to resume, play, or delete.  Have tried a reset and factory reset to no avail.  Very frustrating, instuctions are basic and useless, and dont get me started on the virtual assistant route . . . how does one delete these ???





Hi @Ahhhh you have discovered one of the many flaws with the TelusTv-21T system. This is a known issue that has been getting progressively worse and widespread.


The most recent thread on this is:


Apparently Telus are aiming to have a new release by the end of the month. Fingers crossed this actually works...

Hi @Ahhhh , looks like an update has just been applied. All my ghost red dot recordings have finally been deleted. Hopefully yours too?