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NHL Centre Ice 2021 season questions.

Two important questions 1. Is there a free preview like Shaw has until January 19th?and most importantly 2.Why is Shaw charging $20 less for the season compared to Telus. $189:Shaw$209:Telus

intermittent sound on News channel

For a few days now the sound has been cutting in and out on the fox news channel 811. It is acting like a bad skype connection. It is the only channel of the hundreds I get where this is happening. What's up? Anyone else having this problem with Fox ...

KRS by Just Moved In
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Mr Mayor episode 2 missing from On Demand

My Mayor "pilot" episode is available online On Demand but the second episode "Mayor's Day out" is not. They were both aired back-to-back on January 7. Please add the second episode to On Demand. Thank you!

Pollock by Friendly Neighbour
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Crave and issue with acquiring license?

0x80004005?I tried one show...got error code. Tried a different show...no problem. Tried a third show, same error code.Any ideas what's going on?

Fenster by Just Moved In
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Amazon Prime TV

I have been a member of Amazon Prime for some time but how do I get Prime TV424 connected?

Bob84 by Just Moved In
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How to report incorrect channel information?

Channel guide information on Optik TV is incorrect for Channel 968 - REV3L TV. The information for this channel has been incorrect since it first appeared back in December. I have no idea what program is airing as the programs on this channel rarely ...

YLWGuy by Friendly Neighbour
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Optik pvr freezes then loses audio

Hi I’m new to the forum and have had the same optik system for 10 years. I am using a Denon AVR From pvr to tv. In September the audio would not come on unless the pvr was unplugged then plugged back in on every start up the tech said due to the age ...

BGorle by Organizer
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TV displays "No Signal"

I turned off the TV last night and it was working perfectly but when I turned it on this morning, I see a message "No Signal". The green light on the box was off, so I turned the power on and it went through a host of tasks, but in the end I still ha...

Di444 by Organizer
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Connect Optik tv to my tv

Is there another way to connect Optik tv my tv without some sort of cable box?

Eldiablo by Just Moved In
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