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Optik wireless => Laptop? Ipad?

Now that I have Optik Wireless installed to watch TV around the home. Is it possible to watch my PVR news recordings on my iPad or laptops? Or am I limited to cable boxes?

xl by CPU Alum
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Resolved! Wireless digital box - wireless access point?

I understand a 'wireless access point' is required for the wireless digital box. Would my existing Telus wireless router accomplish this or is this something different??

ssands1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Get Knowledge Network in HD on Telus Optik

Whose cage in Telus do I seriously rattle to get Knowledge Network in HD? KN have been broadcasting it in this format for a few months and seem to be showing many programmes in HD. I REALLY want to see them in HD.Could you please send me a way to con...

rea73 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Optik Recording PreRoll

Just got Optik, I notice when I set a recording, there's an anoying pre-roll. That's is I have to watch a few minutes of the previous program's content before I can see what I want to watch. Can the preroll or prerecording be set to something like 2 ...

xl by CPU Alum
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Resolved! Optik TV and Xbox 360 & XBox One

Hi there - would like a reply back from someone from Telus on the following questions: 1) Is it true that Optik TV Support for XBOX 360 will end in April 2015? 2)If so - what does this mean - no more new installs? It stops working? I have 5 Xbox 360'...

jdowsett by Advocate
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Resolved! After programming TV can I go back and turn Up Volume on the TV BOX?

the sound is not high enough a roommate somehow screwed up the remote last night and now my volume on my TV Box must be turned down to low as the TV sound is at 100 and we can barely hear the TV how can I get the remote to turn up the volume on the B...

Resolved! Close Caption TV

This is just a followup to my previous question to when Close Caption Tv will be working properly. It is working fine except on YTv. It seems to work for about 3 weeks and then I have to reboot the sysetem (unpluging the main device to the systems). ...

BarakSS1 by Just Moved In
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Wireless optic box

I would like to mount my tv above my fireplace but don't know what to do with the optik box/pvr. Having to mount the box would ruin the design. Is there a wireless box that I could purchase or does the box always need to be connected to the tv? I hav...

cshabada by Neighbour
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PVR connection to nework

I have relocatedmMy TV And Telus PVR. Now PVR seems not to be connected to the network, I would like to have PVR and modem in differnt rooms.

Kavian by Just Moved In
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