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Watch a recording that is still currently recording.

Just Moved In

Why can i not start a recording half way through recording? If i manage to catch up to it it should just continue live. Am i doing something wrong or does this feature just need to be added in?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Are you on the new Optik platform, or have you been a customer for a while now? If you're on our new platform you should be able to do that, as we have the 'Restart' function in place.


Hi, well you can start a recording at any time by pressing the record button... Do you mean why doesn't it record that program back to the start, i.e. the portion that has already aired?


If so, that's not a feature I have seen on any system before, although it would be great!



TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @HardmanD as A-B mentioned, we have the "restart" capability available on most channels where you can restart the live stream from the beginning. If a recording is preset, the episode will be recorded in full. However, if you start recording halfway between the episodes the recording will only begin when "record" is pressed. I flagged the scenario you mentioned to our development team, and they will evaluate if it's a meaningful feature to add. Thanks!


Unlike the Android unit with Apple TV there is no option to play a recording currently in progress from the beginning when it is selected from the PVR list. Instead I have to rewind it to the beginning. Are there plans to add this feature to Apple TV as well?  Also when I select  "Restart available" for the guide it blacks out all the channels and says "sorry there are no results found". Will this feature be added as well?  Thanks  


Perhaps the original poster refers to an issue that exists with watching using telustvplus on a PC.
If a program is being recorded you cannot watch the show until the recording is completed.


On the settop box, you can watch a program while it's still being recorded.  Why the PC app has this restriction is bizarre.


Edit: Ha - just discovered today that watching a currently recorded program is now allowed on the PC web app too.   


so ...  nevermind ... 🙂

Just Moved In

Apparently the recording i was trying to watch was just corrupt and kept saying "record" instead of "watch recording." What i wanted to do was start the recording at 7:00 but then start actually watching the show at 7:30 to fast forward through commercials, watch other shows first, etc.

Turns out there might not be a problem, just the recording decided to glitch


I've been noticing quite a number of these broken recordings in the last week.
I currently have 3 recordings showing in my "Recorded List" that simply show the empty record circle.   They are for recordings that I fully intended to watch.


They only show on the TelusTV-21T  boxes - the TelusTVplus application does not show the recordings.

I have a separate thread started for this.