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NBA League Pass, et al.


Trying to resubscribe to NBA League Pass for the upcoming Season.  I go to the TelusTV+ box and try to subscribe and it tells me I have to go to  OK, I do that and that page tells me to do it on the Telus TV Box.


C'mon people, what is this?  Rocket Science?  No, it isn't.  Some consistency would be nice.


And this Android box is very annoying.  Crashes every day.  Every day I need to power cycle it.  I have recordings that do not show up in recordings, but when I scroll back in the guide and try to watch it, it gives me the option to watch from the recording.  Uh, hello?  You said there was no recording.


No way I can discern to delete a recording so the stuff I have already or do not want to watch fills up the list and I can't find what I'm actually looking for.  Why are there recordings I don't want to watch?  Well because I can only set it to record "NBA Basketball".  Am I going to watch every game every day?  No.  Would I like to be able to record only Games that feature certain teams on ANY channel?  That would be good.  Can't be done it seems.  Maybe hire a couple of Android App programmers that actually know what they are doing?


The Remote....  Well.  I program it for my Bose Soundbar and it stops turning my TV off and on.  I set it back up for TV and it ignores the Bose for power, but won't control the volume on the TV anymore.  I have to MANUALLY turn the Bose on and the remote will then adjust the sound on the Bose.


What am I paying for again?  If I didn't have a contract this thing would be out on the lawn.



TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @rdwinslow 


Are you referring to the below image for NBA League Pass? Unfortunately, the channel data is shared between the legacy Optik TV system and the new Optik TV system and you cannot (yet) add channels through the new Set-top box, while you can on the legacy Optik TV system. Apologies for the confusion. The site is meant to provide "more info" about the subscription. You'll need to chat/speak with an agent to add NBA League Pass. I'd recommend using the chat feature at to avoid any call wait times.




Thanks for the suggestion on sports team recording - this is a feature the team is working on. 

If you're experiencing crashes, i'd recommend a reboot from the settings menu rather than just turning off/on and/or unplugging/plugging back in.

I would use the settings menu to restart it, if I could get there.  The system is FROZEN and won't accept inputs from the remote.  How does one use the menu when the menus don't work?  Oh, and maybe you update the webpage and the TV screen to say that?  "If you are on the new TelusTV+ box, please contact a customer service representative to add this service"  Something like that.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Thanks for the detail - if you can get your box up and running after unplugging it and plugging it back in, I'd suggest a reboot at this point. If it's completely frozen, a tech support agent can remotely reboot it or worst case remotely factory reset it. has been updated with a phone number that you can call to add League Pass

Thanks, that's something for the folks in the future.  Hopefully the software will catch up to at least the functionality of the older system soon.  Any idea when the firmware on the remotes might work for both a TV and an audio system at the same time?