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WARNING - MLB Extra Innings rip off - borderline fraudulent


This baseball season I elected to pay a premium for Telus' MLB Extra Innings ($200 vs $130 for  To date I've been mostly satisfied with Optik TV, and thought the convenience of having it on the TV box would justify the extra $70.  Instead this has been easily the worst experience I've had to date with a premium sports package.


I'm a fan of the Detroit Tigers, and purchased this package primarily to watch their games.  In the first month of the season there have already been at least 6 Tiger games not included on Extra Innings.  Tonight, May 6th the game is listed in the guide, however when selecting the game I get only a message that there is no game in progress.  As I type this the game is in the 3rd inning with Houston enjoying a 3-2 lead.  I know this from reading the box score on and not from watching the game live despite paying Telus $200.


In all instances of missed games, I can confirm that there were no other channels showing the games in question.  They were however all available on, Major League Baseball's own streaming product, which in hindsight is quite a bargain, and highly recommended.


If you've read this far you may be thinking that while this certainly sounds unfortunate the use of the word fraudulent seems a little inflammatory.  If this is where the story ended you would be correct.




Given the inadequacy of Telus' Extra Innings, I thought it reasonable to request cancellation, with a full or partial refund offered.  To my surprise this was not an option, and in fact the agent seemed almost taken aback that I would even request this.  This was so far out of the question that the computer system would not even give the support agent I spoke with the option of issuing even a refund.


The reasoning behind this?  The package that, despite costing over 50% more than the competing product is missing a quarter of the games is.....  a PREMIUM service.  Classified as such, it is non refundable.  


That's right, despite a lack of warning that it is an incomplete package.  Despite not even having all the games that are listed on the guide.  A premium service.  Meaning once they have your money, you're own your own with no recourse.


So fair enough, you got me Telus.  You've got me for another year or two between my home and mobility contracts, then we're done.  I've been a customer for 15 years and prior to this would have been happy staying on for the next 30.  Spend my $200 in good health.


Ya. I see what u mean..Want to see all Mariner games and I'm I can't get a refund for this year..but what option do u suggest I but for next year?


Long-time EI subscriber (more than 10 years), on Telus and previously Bell. Have to agree it is increasingly a scam, failing to deliver anything close to what it promises. I never would have counted on it to show every game of a team I was following, there have always been games missing. But pretty reasonable to expect something like 100 games for most teams, more for popular teams like Dodgers etc.

I understand that there is more and more streaming stuff going on with Apple etc. that makes games unavailable on EI, but it’s ridiculous. Had been acceptable to me up until last year when I started to notice a lot of nights with very few games.

First Sunday of 2023:

  • 10 early games. SN carrying the Jays, EI showing 3 of the other 9.
  • 4 afternoon games. EI showing none of them.
  • Sunday Night Baseball on TSN via ESPN.

I won’t be back next year unless things improve substantially. MLB.TV is the alternative. It’s not an app that Telus includes on its boxes and I have little hope they will. AFAIK, would have to run it on your own device and cast it to your TV, with the associated data implications. Something I’ll need to figure out next year.


It seems like for schedule on Sportsnet, you’d better search the team name instead of going through the daily listing of all sn channels.

Probably any game not listed on those two networks are either on extra innings or the network. If it’s the latter, you have to subscribe Dazn unless someone in eastern Canada with live tv sub allows you to connect their address as vpn and stream the channel.