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Resolved! NHL blackouts?

How will the new Canadian division be shown will they make us buy centre ice and block out games? Or will they be shown on tsn and sports net?

Resolved! Live 4K Picture/Audio Choppy Live - Fine When Recorded

Has anyone had this same experience? Any ideas what the cause / fix might be? 4K content plays fine via Telus box apps / smart TV apps (Netflix / YouTube etc.). But live channels are choppy (fireplace channel, music videos channel, TSN hockey etc.) F...

nype by Friendly Neighbour
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Optik TV & Internet at vacation home

I’ve just bought a vacation home in a neighbourhood that has Optik available. I was wondering if I can enable Optik service at that location at a discount if I already have Optik at home?

JayA by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Slimline Remote 2 & Samsung 4K Smart TV

I just got a new Samsung 4K Smart TV for the den and am only using the internal TV Speakers ( no A/V receiver). I would like to use the Telus Remote. All the buttons seem to work OTHER THAN THE VOLUME & MUTE BUTTONS. Any ideas?

can a wi-fi tv box be connected with ethernet cable

I have 2 optik tv boxes, the first is hard-wired to the modem/routerit never, ever has problems with tv receptionthe other tv box is connected to the modem via wi-fiand keeps dropping the multicast signal and "initializing"over and over, sometimes ev...

WiFi unable to operate second Optik pvr

The pvr closest to the Telus modem functions with WiFi or by an ethernet connection but the second pvr has never had more than one bar and the tv does not work. Can I connect a router near the first television/pvr to allow the wifi from it to operate...

Melpad by Just Moved In
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What's up with missing adsm eposides?

How come it only has some eposides of shows of Rick and Morty and Harley quinn? I'm assuming other series are missing eposides as well? What's the point of paying extra for these things if you only get half the stuff out there?

Sasq40 by Just Moved In
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Signing on to my Telus account

I can not access my Telus account through any websites, apps, or on any of my devices. I started by trying to sign on to tsn.ca/live by choosing service provider. Every other company led me to a working link to input my username and password, but whe...

New optik pvr won't display recordings

Our new Optik pvr box (2 weeks old) will not display recorded shows. Indicates it is not connected to the internet, yet all connections appear solid. The Optik is connected directly to the Telus modem by a brand new Cat 8 ethernet cable as we are not...

Melpad by Just Moved In
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Surround sound amp issues

I had my Telus cable box connected to my Denon amp for several years. This fall, I started loosing my audio. I would turn my system on and no audio. To correct this I restarted the cable bad and audio would return. But on my next viewing session I wo...

Howzer99 by Just Moved In
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