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Lost my VoLTE

Just switched to Telus, activated my SIM card tonight. I switched from bell.I have a Redmi Note 7 and everything is working well except I have lost my VoLTE calls, I get dumped off LTE down to hspa when making a call. Am I missing a setting or someth...

Andrewcc by Just Moved In
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Telus Plans

Why does Telus have so many terms and names for different services? Is it to confuse customers? I just switched from a 6GB plan from Koodo for $49 to a 20GB plan at Telus for $75 because I was reading the plans description and ASSUMED that I was gett...

Resolved! 5g and 2.4g disappeared

Recently, the two networks have not been showing up in available networks and I was wondering how I could get them back. I've been scrolling through different solutions but only found for the T3200 modem and I have the T1200H modem. Can you help? Wou...


Does Telus work in Nakina, Ontario? My Koodo doesn't!?

reactivate prepaid

When left for Australia last November talked with Telus rep who put my prepaid account on hold until Icame back. he said to call upon my return to get phone reactivated. Notes are on file. I've tried for past 2 days to get through by phone but no luc...

Resolved! Activate sim without port transfer

I just received a new sim card in the mail, brand new number, and need to activate it (I can text but can't receive calls).I was told to call 1-877-TO-TELUS and use the finish my transfer feature. Why do I need to do this if I am not porting my numbe...

AlexM95 by Just Moved In
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Waiving calling overages

I have 300 calling minutes per cycle. Due to the virus, I have unfortunately gone over. Is TELUS doing anything to help? I know that data overages are being waived. Unfortunately I am unable to call TELUS and sit on hold for 3 hours due to lack of mi...

Karen63 by Just Moved In
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Canadians not able to return home to Canada

Has Telus thought of not charging the roaming and cell date to all canadians not being able to come back home because of the lockdown all around the world? In India alone we are over 15 000 Canadians Thank-You

Coeur by Just Moved In
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Peace of mind data useless after base data used

After using all my data and going into the unlimited data prt of the Peace of Mind plan, I'm no longer able to VPN to corporate server, connect to Gmail, or buch if things possible via Hotspot Ted computers. After paying for Fast Pass, things started...

BobH by Just Moved In
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anyone else not getting calls and not able to call out? There no error or message and the network is fine- just refuses to make the call.

Tina365 by Just Moved In
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